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Direct Line, the Ukrainian company has been on the market of logistics and delivery of goods for more than 5 years, works all over the world. During its work as a freight forwarder, the company has been steadily developing, approaching the goal of being the industry leader. This is work with regular customers, our own transshipment bases, a vehicle fleet and other advantages that ensure improvement.

Direct Line specialists take care of comfortable cooperation, help to draw up an individual work schedule, choose a convenient route and simplify paperwork for clients. At the same time, the company has an unpublicized rule of confidential information about the client, cargo, and its direction. Direct Line is a team of professionals where each employee is responsible for a specific industry so the client receives the documentation, offers in due time; delivery periods are respected, and issues that arise are resolved as quickly as possible. Cooperating with Direct Line you no longer need to worry about the unreliability of the carrier or cargo delays, the route is thought out to the smallest details, hence, practically there are no delays with the deliveries.





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Comprehensive solutions to issues and questions of the customer


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International sea container transportation from Odessa allows you to send goods to remote corners of the world. Reasonable cost makes this type of transportation affordable and high-demanded; the freight price will pleasantly surprise you. The company provides favorable conditions for the logistics of goods from China and the USA owing to cooperation with reliable partners.
The main area of ​​work on sea freight is transportation from China where the company has its own warehouses for the consolidation of goods. Our Customers can use the company’s warehouses in Europe as well as in China, Turkey, Italy, Poland and Ukraine.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Refrigerated container load

Oversized container load

Less-than-Container-Load (LCL)

Port handling works

Customs clearance

Containers forwarding in Ukraine

Own container trucks


Direct Line’s auto transport allows you to deliver even minimal volume of goods, and the company’s own fleet of vehicles minimizes the cost of finance and time. A correctly designed route of international road transportation will help you to save your funds; the company’s employees will do their best to get the superior conditions for their customers.
Constant trucking from Europe and other remote corners worldwide is no longer a problem, the company’s specialists will help with paperwork, licenses and certificates so that you do not have to waste time filling out unnecessary documentation.

Own fleet of vehicles

Full truck load (FTL)

Less-than-truck-Load (LTL)

Oversize cargo/load

Dangerous goods carriage

Cargo groupage

Cargo consolidation at our own warehouse

Customs clearance at the EU territory


The fastest and most reliable way of transportation is air transportation where the cargo travels hundreds and thousands of kilometers in the shortest possible way.
Air transportation from Ukraine is carried out from the largest airports in the country, so there is a choice of options for the arrival of cargo in different cities for further transportation.  A suitable route is individually drawn up for each client so that the cargo is delivered as quickly as possible to the point of destination and the transportation tariff remains affordable. The company can help with customs clearance of goods, knowledge of the details allows to carry out all actions in a very short way

Door-to Door carriage

Consolidated load

Dangerous goods carriage

Cargo consolidation at our own warehouse in China

Developed network of agents around the world

Cargo insurance


Direct Line rail transport is a well-developed railway network, being one of the most popular directions in Ukraine which allows you to transport goods even to small cities.
The availability of the wagon fleet offers an opportunity to transport goods in complete safety; they are open, closed, hermetic wagons and many others. This is an advantageous offer for large-scale cargo for you to reduce significantly the cost of delivery by means of lengthening the train.

Rail reefers carriage

Bulky goods load

Food stuffs carriage

Open Space Vans

Rail fitting platforms

Unitized cargo carriage

Rail freight from China to Ukraine within 21 days


Customs brokerage service is one of the most important issues while crossing the border.
Various authorities attendance and paperwork are integral part of it.
Each country has its own certificates of conformity of goods that must be collected. Moreover, there is a need to select codes for each type of product, create a package of documents and agree on a package of documents.

Registration of the Entity in the Customs authority

Promote of the client's interests in the customs and state licensing authorities of Ukraine

Help with foreign trade Contract draw up

Preliminary calculation of customs payments and duties for import / export of goods

Drawing up a cargo declaration

Control of cargo and transport passing

Providing background information on tariff and non-tariff regulation

Determination of the product code in accordance with the Ukrainian classifier of goods of foreign economic activity

The FTA project is aimed at solving a number of pressing problems existing in the international trade market. Foreign trade outsourcing is a type of intermediary activity, which consists in the transfer by a foreign trade company of all the functions of import-export operation or just a certain part of them to third-party organization for their implementation.

Full cycle of registration of a supply contract, including negotiations and approval of a draft contract with a foreign supplier

Preparation and execution of all payments for goods between suppliers and buyers

Intermediate and consignment storage, door-to-door delivery or distribution of goods across the territory of Ukraine

Sale of goods and fulfillment of a full package of documents for buyers in Ukraine with confirmation of expenses

The foreign trade agent bears full responsibility for arranging the delivery of cargo from the manufacturer to the buyer worldwide. We can deliver the goods both to your company and directly to your customers.

Technical import of goods is one of the most popular and demanded services of our company. The essence of this procedure is the transfer of obligations for the purchase of the necessary goods abroad for outsourcing to our company.
The need for this service may arise if you (the company) do not want or cannot engage in foreign economic activity. In this case, our company will act as a counterparty for you and will carry out all the foreign economic operations you need.

Calculation of the cost of the contract and the amount of customs duty at the request of the client

Conclusion of a foreign trade contract on behalf of the customer

Transportation and insurance on the way

Obtaining permits for import (certificates, declarations of conformity, etc.)

Customs clearance

Related documents arrangement

Transfer of goods, accounting documents to the customer in accordance with the current Ukrainian tax legislation

Optimization of the transportation process

Planning and organizing the process

In-time tracking of currency payments (with the purchase of currency for the cost of goods)

Customs clearance advice

Transport and logistics advice

Foreign trade advic

Legal and TAX consulting on foreign trade


We know perfectly well how difficult is to organize delivery by own means. So we take care of all the works. We know how to impress clients with an amazing and streamlined professional approach of their projects.
Direct Line is constantly evolving to become even better, employees are available 24/7, answer questions and provide information in a convenient format. The company adheres to timescales, provides guarantees so that cooperation is fruitful and comfortable.

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